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Andrei Martinez, renowned in the world of football, has been involved in multiple successful transfers and negotiations for all parties involved. As an FIFA agent, his industry expertise has allowed him to close beneficial deals for the players he represents as well as the clubs and other stakeholders.


Under his inspiring leadership, at Noss Football Agency, we prioritize the professional and personal growth of our clients. With a strategic approach and a long-term vision, Andrei strives to identify and maximize opportunities that benefit our players in the present and future.

His deep market knowledge and extensive network enable him to identify the best opportunities and establish strong relationships with renowned clubs. Andrei's reputation in the football world supports his ability to close successful negotiations and generate positive outcomes for his clients.

Andrei works closely with each player, providing comprehensive support at every stage of their career. His personalized and trust-based approach focuses on building a solid and successful future for each player. His passion for football and dedicaVon to the long-term professional growth and stability of his clients are the fundamental pillars of his leadership.

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