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About us

Noss Football Agency stands out as a leading company in the football industry, under the guidance of football agent Andrei Martinez. We specialize in providing comprehensive player management services, offering a personalized approach based on trust and strong relationships.


With a solid reputation and an unwavering commitment to the success and well-being of our players and their families, we have earned a privileged position in the industry.

Our services


Player Representation and Management

We provide comprehensive and professional representation for football players, ensuring their interests are safeguarded and working in their best interest at every stage of their career.


Personal and Professional Development

We provide comprehensive support to our players in their personal and professional growth, equipping them with tools and resources to reach their full potential both on and off the field.


Legal Services and Sports Law Advice

We have an in-house expert lawyer specializing in sports law. We offer legal services and provide specialized advice on all legal matters related to our players' careers, including contracts, sports regulations, dispute resolution,

and tax planning.


Strategic Advisory

We offer strategic guidance to our players on key aspects of their professional development, including transfer decision-making, career planning, and skill enhancement.


Club and Agent Relations

We maintain an extensive network of contacts within the football industry, including clubs, coaches, and other key agents, to facilitate transfer opportunities and collaborations for the benefit of our players.



Our scouting service is responsible for identifying and evaluating emerging talents in the world of football. We have a team of experts dedicated to player detection, analyzing their performance, technical skills, and physical attributes. We employ advanced analysis methods to provide detailed reports that assist clubs and coaches in making informed decisions regarding the recruitment of new talents.


Contract Negotiation

Our experienced team handles contract negotiations, ensuring that players secure the most favorable terms in their contractual agreements with clubs and sponsors.


Marketing and Branding:

We work closely with our players to develop and enhance their personal brand, maximizing commercial and sponsorship opportunities.


Country we are in

Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Italy, England and the United States

Our Players

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